Digital Transformation

NextGen provides retained executive search in DX technology including cloud computing, big data visualization, IoT data, Ai and machine learning to enable higher productivity and enable workforces an teams to more collaboration, reduce COGS, and elevate customer experience.

Why NextGen?

An experienced Digital Transformation Recruiter can fundamentally change how you operate and deliver value to external customers, internal teams, and profit margins. Our digital transformation recruiter search team practice knows that clients recognize the emphasis on using Ai, BI, IoT, cloud computing, and big data visualization to design and implement strategies that improve product / service development, faster market deployment, and create the environment for teams to be better aligned.

Charles Moore brings with him a solid history of 25+ years in retained executive search consulting. Known for unearthing potential candidates other search firms cannot find. Charles is a leader of the NextGen team having built three successful search firms and is a pioneer in behavioral interview techniques.

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